March 11, 2013

An organized approach

Christian (Charlotte, N.C.) tight end Jeb Blazevich has taken as organized of an approach to his recruitment as one can take.

The 6-foot-5, 240-pound playmaker named (in no order) a top six of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Ole Miss in December, and now the process of making a decision has begun.

"I mean, it's going," Blazevich laughed when asked about his recruitment. "It's sort of difficult. I'm going to head down to every school for a spring practice and through that I think I'm going to sort of take on things from there, get all my questions answered on each trip and try to find out where I need to go."

Blazevich told UGASports in December when he cut his list to six that visits would be a big part of his decision making process, and that see each of the schools in his top group this spring.

UGA was the first of those stops on Thursday, and the Tarheel State tight end gave the visit positive marks.

"I want to get back every where and see how teams are working during the spring. Georgia was sort of the first on my list," he said. "We got there and it was a really good trip. I got some questions answered and everything I needed to find out was presented to me. I really like it and it was a very productive visit."

One of the main reasons for Blazevich's satisfaction with the trip was the time he was able to spend with his recruiter of record and prospective position coach for the Bulldogs.

"Coach (John) Lilly is the man. It's football and God. He's a really deep man with great Christian faith," Blazevich said of the Georgia assistant. "He is one of those guys who is straight up and honest with me. He told me, 'Jeb, I wish I could tell you that this is the only school that can make you successful and I'm the only coach that could do that. Given, I believe I can do that, but you are going to do well no matter what school you go to.' That is just one of those things where he's not recruiting. He's just being an honest, good man.<>"He was giving me some encouragement so I really appreciated that. On the other side, he talked a lot of football to me. He gave me a write up sheet for the last five years with the averages of productivity for tight ends for all of the schools I am looking at. I had a good side-by-side comparison with stats of everybody and I liked that. I really like hanging out with him and, of course, talking football."

The four-star prospect had been to UGA for Dawg Night last summer and for the Vanderbilt game in the fall, but this visit was a chance for him to get a feel for the school and the city of Athens.

According to Blazevich, he liked what he saw.

"It is a great feeling there. It's just sort of a great atmosphere. You can tell everyone is on board," he said. "Everybody is supporting one another and every body is working together, especially on the football side. But you see the students are behind the football team.

"Even without football, talking with the tight ends, (Arthur) Lynch and (Jay) Rome, they are just very willing to help. I feel like that is the atmosphere on campus. Everyone is willing to help and everyone is willing to look out for one another. It is just a big family."

Opportunity is another thing that stands out about UGA to the Rivals250 standout.

"I feel like if I was to decide to go there, Coach Lilly would coach me up," Blazevich said when asked what he sees at UGA in regards to opportunity. "I feel like I would have a good shot at competing for a spot. I feel like I could be very productive there."

With five other teams on his list left to visit, Blazevich has a busy spring ahead of him and everything will get started in a couple of weeks.

"My next trip will be Notre Dame on March 23," he said of his future plans. "Then on March 26 I have Ohio State. On March 29 will be Clemson. April 5 and 6 will be Ole Miss. Then April 12 is Alabama. I have three trips on spring break then one or two more in April. Then I'll start comparing and writing down a lot of notes. I'll be thinking about it, doing a lot of research, and googling stuff. Then hopefully I can decide."

Blazevich has two return trips planned to two separate schools on his list, but he also says that if he sees the need, he will return to any school on his list for a second spring or summer visit.

"If I feel like I need to take a return trip, I'll head back to that school," Blazevich said. "One thing I'm doing is that I went to Clemson about two weeks ago and I'll be going back so that is a return grip. Then right before I go on the Clemson visit, I'm going down to Georgia for a second time to see the academics and maybe sit in on a class. I think that will be a really good trip, too. To go from one to the other because those two schools are so similar. It will be a good chance to sort out the differences."

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