CMU Pro Day: Eric Fisher Part One

Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher spoke to the media after his performance at the Chippewas 2013 Pro Day.
On today:
"Like you saw, I was pretty happy with my combine results. I just did offensive line drills today. Just a quick 15-20 minute workout and did some board work with a few teams [Steelers/Jaguars]. It was a good day."
On what he needed to prove today:
"I just needed to be consistent in my performance from the past few months. That's a big thing for me, being consistent in everything that I do."
On having former Chippewas Joe Staley and Frank Zombo in attendance today:
"Joe has been the biggest supporter. Having [Joe] and [Frank] Zombo here was pretty cool. It's always nice having people in the building who have been there and done that. Joe just played in the Super Bowl and Frank has a Super Bowl ring. So hopefully, I'll be following in their footsteps."
On this draft process:
"It's been pretty hectic, very busy. My schedule seems to be getting busier and busier. I've been all over the country, but this is my dream and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting drafted in April."
On how he has risen up draft boards:
"I guess I've been known to be an 'under the radar player.' For four years, coming out of a MAC school without the exposure that the SEC and Pac-12 have; I've been under the radar for a long time and honestly, I like it. It's been my goal: to get [drafted] as high as possible. We'll see what happens in April."
On the preseason expectation of being a top five pick:
"Honestly, it's been a lot higher than I could have dreamed of. But going back, it's been my goal to get [drafted] as high as possible; I've worked really hard to get here."
On the possibility of being the number one overall selection in the NFL Draft:
"I'm hopeful, but in the end, it isn't up to me. I've just been working to get to that top spot. I think it would be great for this program, me and my family. It feels great representing the Chippewas, both past and present players. I take pride in representing that."
On the next step after the Pro Day:
"The next step will be 1-on-1 workouts and team meetings. I'll be going around the country meeting teams and working out with some teams."
On teams that he is meeting with:
"I'm not sure yet. I let my agent handle that. He just tells me where to go and I go."
On if Kansas City coming to Mount Pleasant:
"Yeah I believe so."
On if he listens to Mel Kiper or Todd McShay:
"No, I just listen coaches and general managers. That is who has the real draft, so why pay attention to anyone else?"
On staying humble about the draft process:
"Why would I change who I am because of something that I'm going through? I'm always going to be the person I was. I'm just going to be me. Once you start changing, that's when things start to catch up with you."
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