Czerwienski plays through pain

On Friday, September 12th Jon Czerwienski and the Fraser Ramblers faced off against the Roseville in their third game of the season. With two losses in the first two weeks, the Ramblers were in a must-win situation in terms of their playoff aspirations.
Czerwienski and the Ramblers delivered as they defeated Roseville, 19-13. With over 250 yards rushing, the Ramblers dominated the Roseville defense front and controlled the clock.
The majority of these runs came right behind Czerwienski. The Ramblers use an unbalanced line, and Czerwienski is the swing offensive lineman in these packages. Also, Fraser moves Czerwienski from left tackle to right tackle to keep the defense honest.
Czerwienski has a very physical style to him, and this style was on display Friday night. Continually blowing his defender back on his heels, Czerwienski showed off his best skill; his power.
For the night Czerwienski had five pancakes and did not allow his opposing edge rusher to even get a sniff at the quarterback. These accomplishments are even more impressive considering he was admittedly playing at only 70%.
At the end of the first quarter, Jon pulled his hamstring. But, being the competitor that he is, Czerwienski only missed two plays on offense.
"I've actually had this injury since double sessions. I pulled it early in the season, and it keeps hurting. I'm probably only at about 70% right now. It's hard because every time I try to get my leverage I can feel it. But, I know my limits and I am fighting through it."
For review, Czerwienski committed shortly after 5-star Chippewa day. When asked, Czerwienski understandably had nothing but positive things to say about this experience.
"I loved how the staff was so close with the players and their families. I felt like I could go up and talk to them about anything."
Next week, Fraser squares off against a very talented Romeo team. Romeo took it to the two-time defending champion Dakota Cougars on Friday, leading 20-0 at halftime.
Czerwienski had a very clear message for next week's opponent.
"You know what, they're a good team. But, we're going to line up and take it to them."
Jon's coach, Joe Kacznowski, also had nothing but positive things to say about the player he has the pleasure of coaching for two years now.
"As a player, Jon is real smart. At 6-foot-5 and about 270 pounds, Jon's got great size, good feet, good intelligence, and he's a great pass blocker. He can really blow people off the ball. He's the total package."
Coach Kacznowski also believes Czerwienski will make a great college player.
"I think he will do very well at the next level. He's got the work ethic and the drive you want out of a player. Hopefully, he can go up there and win a couple of championships."
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